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Extra time to double a tenner for WACT!

Good news for the Trust is that the 2016 Grow Your Tenner initiative has been extended by 11 days to Monday, November 28th.

If you haven’t already done so you can double the size of a donation to the Trust through the Localgiving website. There’s still £122,000 in matchfunding for charities to claim.

Localgiving is matching one-off donations pound-for-pound up to £10, and monthly direct debit donations of up to £10 per month.

With Gift Aid added, £10 will be made up to a total of £22.50, so please make sure you are registered for Gift Aid if you make a donation. Three monthly donations of £10 can grow to a total of £67.50 for WACT.

Supporters can claim up to £10 of match funding via one-time donations for a chosen charity. This can be via one donation of £10 or more, or several smaller donations that add up to £10.

To make a donation, visit Click on either the Donate Now or Give Monthly button to make a pledge, and remember to click that you are registered for Gift Aid.

No more than one direct debit may be set up per individual to each charity. This can be for more than £10 but only a tenner will be match-funded, for three months.